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Critical illness cover

Finding out you have a critical illness is overwhelming and can often be life changing – not only for you, but for your whole family. Realising you don’t have the required protection in place is just inconceivable. Words like cancer, stroke and heart attack immediately make us think the worst and for many people, being diagnosed with such an illness can change their lives dramatically.

Life often changes dramatically after diagnosis. Not just emotionally, but financially too.

Critical Illness policies can provide a vital, tax free (under current legislation, tax year 2016/2017) lump sum or regular income to help you in these circumstances to fund mortgage payments, council tax, childcare costs, food and utility bills are just some of the regular payments that still have to be made. Sick pay from your employer might help, but only for a short period, and state benefits only offer a limited amount.

Managing with a critical illness

Many people who are well enough to return to work can’t always work the same hours as before, so they could experience a long-term drop in income. It would be nice to know there was a financial cushion to fall back on if this happened, to make life that little bit easier. It would mean you could concentrate on getting better.

Critical Illness Cover can really help. Even a little bit is better than none at all.

It would give you peace of mind that should the worst happened, you’d be covered. It is important you take advice before deciding on a suitable policy for you as policies vary from provider to provider. We can talk you through the different options and policy types to ensure you have the most appropriate level of cover to suit your budget.

Right Money Solutions do not charge any fees for advice on our range of insurance products.

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